Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Stress and Depression Reduction through Physical Activity

With more than 20 years in private practice, Alan Kratenstein, DDS, provides general dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation, and implants. He is board certified in New York State and New Jersey. While away from his dental practice, Alan Kratenstein, DDS, enjoys physical workouts.

Being physically active not only transforms your physical appearance, but it also benefits your mind. Engaging in regular physical activity can reduce stress by improving self-confidence and sleep patterns. Studies reveal that physical activity can improve mental clarity, leading to overall cognitive function improvement.

In addition, exercise can help decrease depression. Science has proven that individuals who are sedentary have higher rates of anxiety and depression. Psychologists recommend taking a 10-minute walk to relieve a depressed mood, as exercise is a fast-acting technique. One study revealed that people who engaged in intense workouts were about 25 percent less likely to experience anxiety or depression over a five-year period.